Thursday, March 26, 2009

Austin Trip - Day 1

Got to the airport with just enough time to eat an overpriced dinner. I fought the urge to have an overpriced drink also, so a pat on the back for myself.

I'm setting out to accomplish two things this trip. One is to keep an expense log to keep track of my spending so I won't go crazy (not sure if the act of keeping track has anything to do with cutting back spending). And two is to find out whether everything IS bigger in Texas.

This trip is going to involve a lot of meeting new people, eating BBQ, and playing. All are good things that are worth looking forward to.

I was surprised by how many people are on this flight and how there's only 5 Asians and somehow we're all sitting in the same row (talk about "chances")

I'm inclined to think that traveling alone makes you more likely to write b/c you have so many thoughts going through your head and no one to tell them to, so writing naturally becomes the next best thing. And already there's this girl next to me with this annoying squeaky voice that should only belong to a Japanese Anime, this is going to be a long three hours.

So I finally got to Austin!! The weather is pretty chilly at night, but not the same unbearable ones you experience in SF or sometimes in LA. I also experienced the fastest bagging claim EVER, so Austin is already impressing me. One sad thing though, I was looking forward to see a gigantic "welcome to Austin" sign somewhere in the Airport, but I couldn't find one, and I finally saw one only to notice that it's written on this sad looking vending machine, since I was hellbent on taking a photo of a "welcome to Austin" sign, I took a picture of it anyway. Let's see if I can post one up here, I'm new to this blogspot thing, so we'll see how proficient I become in a very short time.

Alright, it's almost 3 in the morning here, so I'm gonna head to bed in order to wake up at 8 tmr. Just a preview, we'll be visiting the campus of UT tmr and country dancing at night, it'll be INTERESTING.

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  1. wait you went to austin??

    hahaha sounds like an adventurreeee