Tuesday, August 31, 2010

When Tennis meets Fashion: Let the fun begin: Azarenka

It's the US Open!! Finally, and of course, to match the electrifying energy of NYC, the tennis stars on both the men's and women's tour usually put on outfits that matches the city's vibe. I wasn't going to write about this until later when more pictures come, but I've noticed something very interesting...

While watching the US Open day 1 highlight, I stumbled upon Azarenka's match and was immediately captivated by her dress.
It was simple, yet very well fitted (yes, tennis clothes can be ill-fitted also), and the dress was so simple and elegant. As you can see in the product pic, It's fitted on top with a flair skirt (very feminine), the contour piping on the bodice is perfect for a slimming silhouette and I believe this is the female version of Roger Federer's Navy/White collar stripe polo. Nonetheless, I was surprised to see it on her because it looked like something much better suited for Serena (not to say it didn't look stunning on Victoria).

Long and behold, after some digging around, look what I've found!

It was meant to be Serena's US Open night dress!! And usually she gets exclusives, is this a case of dress stealing?? Don't worry, this only happened because since Serena has announced long before the tournament even started that she would be withdrawing, I guess she was gracious enough (or forced to) let someone else wear it.

I must say, I really like it on Azarenka, I thought it was very flattering and for once she's not wearing something that exposes her longer torso (which screws up her proportion). The higher waist on this dress really elongates her legs and she is trying to add an element of youth by donning the neon headband and shoes (not so sure about this move, bet you Serena would not have made the same choice). Sorry that I can't find a better picture....

Serena and Maria better watch out, with Vika's (that's how Azarenka likes to be called) stars rising and looking this good, someone might be sneaking to share the Nike spotlight very soon...

But yes, all in all, great start, now I need to start getting ready for Venus' and Sharapova's outfit (s).

Monday, August 16, 2010

Fashion: Barney's Warehouse Sale

It was Saturday, me and my roommate went to downtown for lunch, and coincidentally his mom called to let him know that she along with the rest of their family is going to a gigantic food and hospitality expo at the LA convention center. So besides tagging along for free food (aha!), a little light bulb also switched on inside my head (that's EXACTLY where the Barney's warehouse sale is!). Though, I was sold on the fact that there's no way I can afford anything inside even with the markdowns.

So we got there to the food expo, it was alright, some great food, but not as big as I have imagined. We walked around for maybe an hour or an hour and a half, pretty much the whole time I was thinking about the Barney's sale next door (I know right, two gigantic wings and more than 10 halls, and the sale was RIGHT NEXT DOOR).

So me and my roommate along with his brother (who's apparently an avid denim lover) went to the sale to "check it out". Then long and behold there it was, the denim section, where each pair of jeans are discounted from hundreds of dollars to around 70 to 90, and then there's the sign that reads "Take and ADDITIONAL 70% OFF". I was like what? All of a sudden the possibility of taking advantage of this occasion just became a reality, each pair of jeans cost about $25 to $30!

After quickly grabbing about 10 pairs to try on, I ended up settling on a pair of J Brand slouchy/tapered jeans that I have read about a couple months ago. They're the perfect relaxed wash jeans but at the same time looks sleek because of the tapered legs. It was originally about $280 after tax and I got them for $29 after tax at the check out!

Barney's warehouse sale: SCORE! Some pictures to come later, it's too late for that.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

When Tennis meets Fashion: Roger "Neapolitan" Federer

Roger Federer made his return to the ATP world tour at the Toronto Masters after his Wimbledon quarterfinal defeat....in Neapolitan ice-cream?

After strolling through my usual tennis blogs, I picked up a hot-topic, and that is Nike's questionable new ensemble for Federer's summer hard court series. Seems like the designers over at Nike, was having a bit of a sweet-tooth, hence why we see Roger sporting a pink polo, chocolate shorts, and a pair of white sneakers...mm...now I want some Neapolitan ice-cream (it's my favorite!!)

And for those of you who can care less what Roger wears on or off-court, he's found a little something extra in himself to beat Berdych in a tight three-setter, winning the match 6-3 5-7 7-6 (5). By doing so he also avoids a 3rd straight defeat to the Czech Player and advancing to the semi-final.

And for those of you who do care what Roger wears, what do you think of his Nike summer hard-court ensemble? I don't think pink's a great color on Roger, or any tennis players b/c they're just too tan (anyone remember Radek Stepanek???), and I don't like the pink against the blue hard-courts.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Fashion: Biker Chic

Here's a photo from my last bike-themed photo shoot. It's the first image that was published with my name attached to it (if you squint and look at the bottom left-hand corner, haha). The look is pretty edgy and cool. It's a pair of black/white patterned leggings paired with matching boots and a denim vest with chain necklaces draped diagonally across the body.

Vest: Triple Five Soul
Legging: Cinema (Downtown LA)
Shoes: Virgo (Downtown LA)
Bracelet & Rings: Hellkats LA
Necklaces: Stylist's Own

UPDATE: I couldn't do this without the help of my AWESOME assistant Stephenie!!! Thank you so much.

Fashion: Something similar between me and Richard Chai: Socks

Oh wow, I know I made a mental note to space out my postings, but it's been way too long since my last post. Though, I have a good reason for being MIA and that is because I've started a new internship at this amazing showroom called Joey and I've been starting to have a few styling gigs. (more on that later)
So, me and Richard Chai, similarities, both in fashion, both Asian-American, oh and I found one more! According to my trusted source, GQ, we share the love for the same pair of socks also! GQ have this column called "10 essentials" where they interview famous fashion folks and ask them about their 10 essential items, simple enough, and this time around it is Richard Chai's turn. Richard Chai is one of the rising Asian-American designers from NYC, he owns his own womenswear collection as well as a hugely popular menswear collection called Richard Chai Love, mainly grunge streetwear inspired ensembles.

In Richard's 10 essentials he features the MUJI reused yarn ankle socks, which happens to be my favorite also! The yarn is space dyed (meaning every certain inches is a different color), so when you knit with this yarn, the socks or whatever it is will have a strip-y effect with alternating colors. These socks are the ultimate cool wardrobe stables because they don't look outrageous but they can instantly upgrade an otherwise routine office attire. Chai puts it nicely by describing it as "looking like a Missioni sweater" (oh Missoni...). Looks like Richard Chai has good styles too (not all designers have good style).

Oh and Richard Chai says he owns about 50 pairs of these, and I only have about 5....so far =) (These socks are only sold in NYC in the US)