Monday, August 9, 2010

Fashion: Biker Chic

Here's a photo from my last bike-themed photo shoot. It's the first image that was published with my name attached to it (if you squint and look at the bottom left-hand corner, haha). The look is pretty edgy and cool. It's a pair of black/white patterned leggings paired with matching boots and a denim vest with chain necklaces draped diagonally across the body.

Vest: Triple Five Soul
Legging: Cinema (Downtown LA)
Shoes: Virgo (Downtown LA)
Bracelet & Rings: Hellkats LA
Necklaces: Stylist's Own

UPDATE: I couldn't do this without the help of my AWESOME assistant Stephenie!!! Thank you so much.


  1. what the crazy!
    you're a stylist now?!
    i must have missed something along the way - cool coool stuff

  2. i was helping you that day. don't i deserve some credit? LOL. jk. you did a great job jon!

  3. wow. crazy! congrats! what exactly do you do now?