Monday, August 9, 2010

Fashion: Something similar between me and Richard Chai: Socks

Oh wow, I know I made a mental note to space out my postings, but it's been way too long since my last post. Though, I have a good reason for being MIA and that is because I've started a new internship at this amazing showroom called Joey and I've been starting to have a few styling gigs. (more on that later)
So, me and Richard Chai, similarities, both in fashion, both Asian-American, oh and I found one more! According to my trusted source, GQ, we share the love for the same pair of socks also! GQ have this column called "10 essentials" where they interview famous fashion folks and ask them about their 10 essential items, simple enough, and this time around it is Richard Chai's turn. Richard Chai is one of the rising Asian-American designers from NYC, he owns his own womenswear collection as well as a hugely popular menswear collection called Richard Chai Love, mainly grunge streetwear inspired ensembles.

In Richard's 10 essentials he features the MUJI reused yarn ankle socks, which happens to be my favorite also! The yarn is space dyed (meaning every certain inches is a different color), so when you knit with this yarn, the socks or whatever it is will have a strip-y effect with alternating colors. These socks are the ultimate cool wardrobe stables because they don't look outrageous but they can instantly upgrade an otherwise routine office attire. Chai puts it nicely by describing it as "looking like a Missioni sweater" (oh Missoni...). Looks like Richard Chai has good styles too (not all designers have good style).

Oh and Richard Chai says he owns about 50 pairs of these, and I only have about far =) (These socks are only sold in NYC in the US)

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