Monday, July 26, 2010

When Tennis meets Fashion: Rafael Nadal wears $525K Tourbillon Watch on and off court

Rafael Nadal, the new world #1 tennis player, has signed onto a new sponsorship deal with Richard Mille to wear a specially designed lightweight tourbillon watch on court and off court, the TOURBILLON WATCH RM 027 RAFAEL NADAL. The watch is worth $525,000 and is limited to only 50 for sale worldwide.

Not many tennis players wear wristwatch during matches because first it's extra weight on the wrist and secondly, sometimes even the slightest difference in what they're used to can make a difference in whether a down the line backhand lands inside or outside the line. But there are a few who does it, and Nadal is definitely doing it in style.

The watch is a black on black, square face, matte finishing, lightweight Tourbillon watch. The inner mechanism of the world is visible through a plastic cover where the intricate and precise workmanship is in plain sight. GQ just wrote an article on how cool black on black watches are and I personally own two such styles, they're the coolest thing and instantly add style to any ensemble. This particular one that is designed just for Nadal is definitely wicked, but it is also something I, or other mere mortals will never be able to afford, at least not for a watch...

Nadal debuted this watch at the French Open and will be wearing it throughout the Olympus US Open series up till the US Open in NYC during September. You can catch him on TV on ESPN every weekend or the Tennis Channel.


  1. that is a sick sick watch
    if i were a billionaire i'd buy it

  2. wow..that watch looks the future?