Friday, May 28, 2010

Fashion: WWD reports Olivier Theysken to design capsule collection for Theory

BIG NEWS!! Former designer for Nina Ricci, Olivier Theysken, who was famous for reviving the house with modernized dramatic glamor, but later on parted ways with Nina Ricci on a sour note, has signed on to create a capsule collection for contemporary powerhouse, Theory.

Theory, one of the most popular contemporary brand focusing on sleek work clothes with sharp tailoring and simple palette, makes an interesting pairing with Theysken. Although he always delivered a fine mixture of elegance and coolness with dramatic shapes and lines (at least at Nina Ricci he did), his work is still quite a stretch from the simplicity and the sleekness of Theory. You can think of theory as a less abstract version of Jil Sander; someone who can only afford Theory will go on to wear Jil Sander when they make it in their respective field.

Anyhow, this is exciting news, Olivier Theysken is one of my favorite designer and I'm glad to see his work in a new setting.

Here's a couple looks of his work at Nina Ricci

Thursday, May 27, 2010

When Tennis meets Fashion: More French Open Looks

Caroline Woziaki wearing Stella McCartney for Addidas, this line was originally exclusviely worn by another player, Maria, Kirilenko, but Maria's result was less than stellar, so she got dropped, and now Caroline, the world #3, steps in and take over. I am a big fan of the Stella McCartney line, it's usually not overtly girly, but still very sporty and retains an air of coolness from the color, to the choice of fabric, and the sometime architectural shapes. It bears the signature of Stella McCartney's clean lines and London chicness.

Na Li wearing Nike exclusive Chinese edition. The color is great on her and against the red clay. The look is sporty and everything is very well proportioned, a lot of people assume that sports clothes must fit on everyone, but they are just the same as other clothing items, so proportion is still very important. It's great to see Li Na in this Nike outfit that only she can wear among the Chinese players, she's the Serena Williams of China in terms of Nike's marketing campaign. I still remember the days when the whole Chinese team is sponsored by Nike and Li Na wouldn't wear skirt b/c she wasn't so fond of wearing a short skirt in front of people; and now being on the international tour for a while really changes the way one sees things.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When Tennis meets Fashion: Serena William, Maria Sharpaova, Roger Federer

The players @ 2010 French Open:

Usually Roger is the only men player who I pay attention to what he wears, since he always try to push the envelop a bit. I love how Nike puts colors on the clay court, the red clay makes a really stunning backdrop for vibrant colors. I like this shirt, it's not bad, I wish the sleeves are more simple. But what I really liked are the shoes, those are so cool, calm, and collected.

I've already professed my love for this dress when pictures first surfaced. I'm surprised that some people absolutely hate it. I think it's elegant, the color is cool, though I think the dark part can be a bit more maroon-ish for a brighter contrast. But it fits Maria like a glove. I have problems with people always complaining about clothes looking like a curtain wrapped around someone, I'd like to see them wrap a curtain around themselves and try to look as good and fashionable. It's about shapes and contrast and I think this dress is one of the better ones Maria has worn lately. And now she bears her name on her own Nike collection, I'm sure we will see more Maria's style snippet here and there.

I'm not a big a fan of Serena's dress, I mean she always fills out her outfit nicely with her curves, so they fit fine, but this is just not fun, maybe the color, but the dress is overly girly with the pleated ruffled hem. Compared to her older sister's lace corset dress, there's just not enough fashion here. It looks like one of those templates you can buy from Joann's. If I have to find something nice, it'd be the color, the color does pop a lot of the clay and this dress looks a lot better on her than in pictures or mannequins.

Fashion: Maybe it's time to stop hating on Dockers

Although Dockers being a national favorite among the Dads and the men who don't care much about looking 20 lbs heavier, they are repeatedly shunned upon by fashion wearer; mostly due to its lack of shape and lack of innovation. But guess what, maybe it's time to stop hating on the normalcy of Dockers, because there's a new collaboration between Docker and Urban Outfitter!! This is going to be amazing, it is actually possible for Dockers to create slim, tapers chinos that comes in any color of the rainbow you can imagine of, and it's about $50 a pair, not bad, but decisively more expensive than a regular pair, or, the ones at the outlets.

This new pair by urban outfitter is trim and stylish, it could last you the whole summer pairing with a bunch of different possibilities It's not too outrageous for the average American male, you can pair it with button-down oxford, t-shirts, or with a light-weight trench for a chillier summer night; or wear it with a faded college sweater for the collegiate look; or dress it up with a simple white shirt and skinny ties.

Maybe I will look into getting one also, I've been scouring for trim chinos that are not ridiculously expensive.

Fashion: Marc Jacob - the face (and body) of new mens' fragrance - BANG

Marc Jacob has graced his own men's fragrance ad campaign, in which he is naked, with an over-sized bottle of his new fragrance strategically placed.

In the ad you can see an oiled and muscled up Marc Jacob lying on a metallic sheet-bed. It's definitely a Bang, and very well suited to the theme of the fragrance, the image is quite full of impact and I can only imagine how will the cologne smell, well either way I probably wouldn't like it much, too much of a Bang.

He claims going naked is his associate's idea, but I doubt he has much trouble refusing the proposition. The cologne will be dropped this summer.

Fashion: Sergio Rossi, Itlian Shoe experts delivers 2010 limited edition in Cannes

On May 12th, Italian expert shoe-maker Sergio Rossi, known for its overt decadence and glamor, with a right mix of modernity and edginess, has created and presented its 2010 red-carpet limited edition shoes in commemoration of the Cannes Film Festival, which sadly came to a close this past weekend.

The shoe is a red suede, crystal embellished, stilletto with a fishscale-esque netting pattern. It's full on glamor and luxury that only Cannes would be the ideal place to debut. The word fishsacles can drive people away, so how about siren, when you put on this shoe it will transform you into a elegant and sophisticated siren. The curves of the netting compliments the natural curves of a feet and the dramatic pattern draws attention to the feet effortlessly.

In fact, Sergio Rossi is a brand that is mainly slotted for the red-carpet and the rich and famous because of its clear direction of glitz and glamor,it's evidently meant for special occasions, but we can still admire its Italian workmanship and style. The brand is carried in limited US stores as well as department chains such as Saks and Neiman Marcus. The brand has a much bigger following in Europe and Asia; its customers are generally more mature and it's definitely not trendy like ASH, Nicholas Kirkwood, or even lesser brands like BCBG. For us who cannot afford something of this caliber, this can serve as appreciation and motivation? Here are some of my favorite from its Spring Summer 2010 collection.

I have got to talk more about shoes, it is shoes that ALL women love, no fit, not color, no style matters the way they do with clothes, the ladies can love shoes whole-heatedly. So go shoes!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tennis: First round results @ French Open

These are the players who're through to the 2nd round so far: Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Federer, Nadal, Hewitt, John Isner, Sharapova, Henin, Li Na, Petrova, Dementieva, Roddict, Murray, Djokovic...etc

Off to 2nd round we go.

Monday, May 24, 2010

When Tennis meets Fashion: Venus Williams wows again @ French Open

So the French Open has officially started and I'm happy to write my favorite kind of posts "When Tennis meets Fashion", and the first order of business is to take a look at Venus' apparel of choice.

Continuing on her "illusion" trend, the older Williams sister is creating a see-through illusion with her lace corset dress with a full skirt (same style a the orange one she debuted in Miami, this time replaced with lace). The dress is lined with skin color fabric and Venus once again wore those skin color booty tights. Now, I don't know what I think about this one. By now we all know that she's definitely wearing "something", but when she moves and the skirt flies up, even with the tights, it's hard not to see what's underneath and not immediately think that she's sans panties. It was cute the first time, but I'm not sure about the second time around. Maybe it's the fact it's lace, and the material itself is so French and so unconventional for tennis (not even Sharapova did lace before), that the nude undies seemed a bit overboard. Come on, we get the point, you're daring, you like to surprise people and believe in yourself, you're fashionable, yada, yada, yada...

But, and it's a big BUT (no pun intended), I liked the silhouette and the idea of this dress from the get-go, even when it was burnt orange. The dress is feminine, it's short and voluminous, which suits well for Venus' longer frame. It's fancy, undoubtedly French chic, and the skirt moves well when Venus runs; my only complaint would be the neckline, I wish it was higher, it's disturbing to see her adjusts the top after every point. But all in all, I like the change in direction for Venus' on-court attire. But this dress leaves me confused. It would've been fine with a pair of black shorts instead of the nude, so it has nothing to do with styling mistake, just the idea and the image being portrayed, but it is what it is. At the end of the day, it's the game that wins you matches, not what you are wearing. So good luck Venus.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fashion: Actress/Model Milla Jovovich is back in action

Milla Jovovich was once my absolute fashion icon, it was during a time when I was a bit confused about style and fashion, and on the verge of losing interest in it all together, Milla's eclectic style rejuvenated, or more so reopened doors of possibilities and made fashion "interesting" again. Here she is, in Cannes, back in action wearing a Fall 2010 Louis Vuitton dress that is totally fun and a bit "off". I love how the ball-gown-ish silhouette of this collection is so easy to spot. Milla wore a strapless, mix-fabric ball gown with a sculpted front that forms a raised hem-line in the front (and it looks like the lining is some sort of shiny fabric, looks great in a picture). If the dress was all one material, it would've failed, but here it kept the dress interesting.

It's not traditional in its shape or fabric, at all, but there's something about this just works, it looks really regal, it's the peasant-ish fabric mixed with the fancy/edgy silhouette that created this effect. I like the fact she chose to not wear any necklace and the make-up really complements the color of the dress. She also kept her hair up which otherwise would've taken attention away from the dress if it was worn down. A tip, when you wear a big dress, and I mean BIG, keep the hair nice and tight, no fuzz.

Friday, May 21, 2010

A realization

So my friend pointed out to me that the way I'm "blocking" the face of my Client DL is really ugly. And I have to admit, it is pretty ugly, so I'm looking for a new way to blur out the face, photoshop maybe? Any other software out there that's free and easy to use?

Personal Shopping Client Part 2

Here she is sporting a white 3/4 sleeves single button blazer. Menswear inspired, super fine material, great for layering. Would love to see the jacket paired with a dress and higher heels. But she looks great here also.

Tennis: All Chinese Final in Warsaw spoiled

]Na Li got beaten the semi-final of the Warsaw tournament. I was really hoping for an all-Chinese final as Zheng Jie got through to the final. But sometimes a player is just red-hot at a certain tournament. The player who beat Na Li won this tournament last year, so I'm sure she felt especially special when she returns to the same venue. Sometimes player depend on that extra "feeling" to motivate them to play better.

Good luck Zheng tomorrow in the final!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fashion: Cannes - Ryan Gosling

This is the best couple in Cannes during photo-calls this week. And I'm actually more drawn toward Ryan Gosling's look here. Obviously the guy has good looks, but his white shirt and light gray slim linen pant combo is really working. The whole look is sleek, unavoidably French Riviera sleek and I like how he went belt-less, the whole thing is very well put together. This is exactly the kind of trousers that I'm looking for, where can I find one like that?!

And Michelle Williams looks good too, is it me or does she look a lot like Carey Mulligan, did any of her people tell her that?? I do like the Suno Fall 2010 dress on her though, the best part about her outfit is her heels, it was summery, casual but just chunky enough to carry the dress. The only thing is she's wearing a Fall dress but summer cork sandals, weird...

Tennis: Li Na and Zheng Jie advance to Warsaw Semifinals

It's time for some tennis updates, although there are many more breath-taking gowns and ensembles gliding down the red-carpet at Cannes, I'm starting to miss yabbing about tennis.

So this week the WTA tour arrives at Warsaw, Poland, for a $600,000 USD medium size tournament before the official start of Roland Garros this coming Sunday. At first the draw was alright, with Marion Bartoli, Elena Dementieva, and Caroline Wozniaki, but then by now all of them have lost, and what's left are two of my favorite Chinese players, Li Na and Zheng Jie.

I saw Li's match last night and she was just off the chart, her opponent Sara Errani from Italy looked hopelesss as Li pound winner after winner past her. In tennis a lot of times it's about match-ups, Errani's balls just sits up nicely at Li Na's strike zone, if it was any other player, the outcome would've been very different. But I like Li Na's steadiness in this tournament, she's known for hitting gorgeous winners but also being super erratic, sometimes hitting 50+ unforce errors in a match. But I feel like at this tournament, she realizes that she's a real threat and she needs to play like someone who have the burden of a favorite and overcome that burden to excel. At this stage of her career, careless loses to lesser opponent is less and less acceptable and she's handling "controlled aggression" at a far higher level.

Zheng Jie upset the top seed Caroline Wozniaki 6-3 and then Wozniaki retired due to an injured right ankle, an injury she suffered almost TWO MONTHS ago at Charleston, South Carolina! But for some reason she decided to only take a couple days off and then going straight back to playing and I think because of that her ankle has never fully healed which means she's not moving well, and on clay movement is more than half of the whole picture, Caroline needs to learn from this and treat injuries with more seriousness, just because you're 19 doesn't mean injuries will just disappear in 48 hours.

I hope Zheng Jie and Li Na will advance to the final, it's been a while since they've squared off in a final, and this one will have a deja vu moment a la Estoril 2005, when the two of them first started to make a name for themselves as singles players.

Oh, and side note, the European commentators were trying to be respectful and obviously done some research in pronouncing Chinese correctly, because they were trying really hard to pronounce JIE, JI -Ehhhhhh, which is right, but when they do it, it sounds SO funny, the whole hour they just kept repeating Ji-Ehhhh Ji-EHhhhh Ji-Ehhhhh, I almost wish they just go back to saying it Jhi

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fashion: winners and losers @ "Of God and Men"


Fan Bing Bing, beautifully embroidered train from the back.

Doutzen Kroes, being a good spokesperson for Victoria's Secret

Hofit Golan, beautiful layered gown, flattering and interesting

Emmanuelle Beart, love the toughness, love the metallic belt

And now the few losers....what happened...

Lady Victoria Harvey, now we all know how old she is, she went to prom in the 80's...seriously, really? This looks like one of those dresses from the movie "27 dresses", ugly bridesmaid dress from the 80's coming back to haunt you...

I can see where this was going (inside the stylist's or her own head). I can see where the fashion was in this dress, nice sculptural curves and nice play on colors with the chiffon under layer. But, all those good things are lost because this dress doesn't fit. It gave her no waist, the ruffles didn't converge at her waist, the dress was way too long, the shoes were too heavy for this look. I'd hate for this to be an avoidable mistake by simply adjusting the straps to make it shorter thus pulling the whole dress upward and bringing back the right proportions.

Fashion: Fan BingBing

Who is Fan BingBing? That's a question that is coming out of every fashion-conscious editors/stylist/designer's mouth in the past week. The Chinese starlet, who's a huge star back in China, is making a name for herself wowing all the fashion onlookers on the Cannes red-carpet. The festival, which is a yearly, highly anticipated film event, or more so a fashion fish-tank, where the big ones and the small ones all gather and show-off what their stylists can do. And this year is definitely the year of Fan Bing Bing.

She has dazzled critics all over the world with her ranges of beauty and elegance. But is she really worth all the attention and near cult status? For sure she's great on the red-carpet showing glamor and poise, but does that really make her a style icon? One need to demonstrate a skill or an ability to fully grasp fashion and showcase that skill on different levels and platforms in order to be stirring the same fashion frenzies as Fan Bing Bing is doing right now...

But nonetheless, kudos to Fan for being the international center of attention this year. I bet she had not thought of being this successful style-wise in this year's festival. She's being compared to Hollywood starlets and she's not losing any style battle this year. With all the attention she's received from American press, I think maybe it's time for her to make a move to Hollywood, I feel like the Americans need a new Chinese actress to fawn over, one Zhang ZiYi is not enough.

I had to say though that I don't think all of Fan Bing Bing's looks at the Cannes is that great. She had one wowing debut with the dragon robe/gown, but then the ones after that are good, some great, but some are only so-so. For example, her black Armani Prive gown with the train tucked at the the back of the knee was not a sure winner to me. A lot of people on the bandwagon applauded the look, but I think when she's standing still it makes her look stubby, and the hair doesn't help either. But when she's moving and the ballooning train is lifted by the wind, the gown looks quite nice on her, the only thing is...those are some serious hooker heels she's wearing, never wear platforms that are THAT thick, in black, and showing your toes, that's just asking for a mean hooker joke. And the nude Elie Saab that she wore was great, but how can no one notice that her make-up is WAY too pale.

Fan Bing Bing in Elie Saab Couture

Fan Bing Bing, wearing Armani Prive, with Victoria's Secret model Douetzen Kroez

I'm happy that a Chinese actress is getting so many good review style-wise, it's about time that people acknowledge the style-sense of Chinese people. Fan's popularity this year is inevitable as she's one of a few Chinese starlets who are powerful enough to move merchandises in the stores, so her grabbing front row seats at LA, Valentino...etc is not a surprise. And who knows, maybe some of these positive press works toward building her status as the next INTERNATIONAL style icon so the brands that she's wearing will have that much more of an appeal and impact.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vintage inspired belts

I've recently gotten over the big thick trendy belts, instead I'm intrigued by vintage belts, they are way more interesting in their shape, style, and material.

And by interesting, I'm actually digressing back toward simplicity and quality, while big trendy belts are exciting in an in-your-face kind of way, smaller more understated belts is exciting in a quiet way. I find elegance in skinny genuine leather belt with understated buckles. You can find them in thrift stores all over town, not only are they inexpensive, they will give instant class and elegance to even the simplest of outfits - t-shirt and jeans. Or you can wear them over dresses, print skirts or just with skinny jeans and a tucked-in button down.

Find below two specimens - a vintage Jones New York White leather belt with gold round buckle (that's when Jones New York was today's Alexander Wang) , and also a dark brown weaved leather belt with thin golden buckle.

Both belts are for sale for US $12.99 each. Great deal in exchange for looking your best this summer. If interested, please leave contact info in the comment section.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fashion: Summer essentials for guys and girls part 1

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to lis ten items that are classic summer dressing essentials. These 10 pieces would become the stable of your summer wardrobe.

First up: Lightweight Button-Downs

Girls: I find a girl extremely attractive when they're wearing a button-down with the sleeves rolled up and half buttoned wearing some sort of tank underneath. The look is easy and effortless. I can see a million variations of how to wear this look, with long tresses of wavy hair, with a Charlie Chaplin hat, with some long charm necklace, tucked inside white/khaki shorts, untucked with dark skinny jeans, with a skirt with boots, with flip flop, with lace-ups...etc

Guys: There are a lot of slim-cut choices out in the market. Wear a denim shirt on its own with a slim-fitted pair of khakis or with shorts. Or go bold casual, pair it with printed tee and crazy shorts in bright summer colors. And for the office, pair the shirt with a white or khaki cotton two-button suit, leave the tie at home, and you got yourself a light-hearted summer office attire. Don't forget to trade your lace-ups with an easy loafers, or if you're wearing a linen suit, why not try a pair of dressy leather sandals or flip-flops.

Fashion: Christian Dior Cruise 2011 show @ Shanghai

Christian Dior followed the footstep of Chanel and held their own 2011 Cruise collection fashion show in Shanghai. It was held inside a big, long tent located right on the bund, the historical foreign district alongside the HuangPu Jiang river. That place is absolutely gorgeous, one of the most beautiful places I've been to, there's just so much history behind the location, it adds onto the wonder and the beauty of it all.

Anyway, so back to the collection. Surprisingly and thankfully, John Galliano, the creative director of Dior, did not go for an Asian/Oriental look. He chose Shanghai simply because it's Shanghai and it's at the forefront of emerging markets for luxury goods. As I've mentioned before, cruise collections are starting to sell quite well because of their unique blend of workmanship, style, and wearability.

This collection is a full-0n Parisian display of French 60's chic, there's a distinctive air of savoir-faire. Very dress heavy, the silhouette doesn't alter much (similar to the latest LV Fall collection), fitted bodice, cinched waist, and a full skirt; or above the knee pencil skirt with boxy outerwear. It channels the late Bridgette Bardot or Barbie Doll, both iconic figures from that time period. We have housewives, the nautical girl who hangout on sailboat sailing for St. Tropez, and of course the secretary look. The collection was styled with big poofy hair, Jacky-O shades, stockings, and pointy heels, and I'm not a fan of the make-up work, especially on the Chinese models.

The colors and shapes are feminine and romantic. Pink in all sort of shades, light blue, navy, black-and white, and an abundance of lace and frills. I'm most impressed by the use of leather in some of the most feminine pieces, including a pink short sleeves dress with a flower on the belt, or a purple leather blouse with cut out details along the neckline. The use of leather adds a punch of power in this otherwise uber-feminine display. My favorite pieces included the above mentioned pink leather dress, black and white striped full skirt dress, the trenches (in white cotton, gray flannel, and black/white stripes), and the gowns, John Galliano must've had a princess moment.

Ordinary if not for the leather, it's so French with the collar and flower detail.

This trench coat is going places, places like the pages of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, W...etc.

Love this, but only attempt if you're proportioned like this model and you are anything smaller than a size 4.

This is actually my favorite look. French, chic, effortless.

Whereas it's not my favorite look, this is my favorite dress, this will definitely be seen on A-listers like Reese Witherspoon, Anne Hathaway, Drew Barrymore, Charlie Theron...etc.

The make-up is not working for the Asians, not at all...

Favorite gown, 100% red-carpet ready

Change the color to cream or gold and it's Taylor Swift ready.

Let's see who has the guts to pull this off. Can't wait to see who on will vote for to wear this dress.

Click here to view the full collection on

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tennis: Nadal beats Federer in two and Venus loses in two

Final of the Madrid Master, and personally two disappointing loses.

Federer losing to Nadal is understandable and partly expected, it's just I usually root for Federer when they play against each other (I'm all for the top dog and maintaining hierarchy, haha). But since Nadal has been on fire this clay season (when was he ever not...) and this is only Federer's first final on Clay in three tournaments, losing 6-4 7-6 (5) is respectable, it just doesn't give much hope for Federer's chance in Roland Garros if they run into each other there, and Nadal is NOT Federer's only problem nowadays.

On the women's side, I really thought and expected Venus to win her final. Of course, nowadays you can't depend on Venus to beat someone you think she'd manhandle, but I thought to myself since this is a final, she might step it up and be in a totally different gear. Well, she didn't, in fact she said after her loss that she felt a little bit out of gas (probably because she played and won the doubles tournament too). Oh well, she lost 6-2 7-5 to Rezai, a French player, relatively young, have a few years of experience on the tour. The French Open is still remarkably interesting for Venus, I still like her chances to reach the quarters or even the semi, anything after that will remain a mystery until we get there.

This week has a couple smaller tournaments, giving some last minute match practices for the players or some valuable time-off for the others who have been playing for nearly two months on the dirt. And for me, since French Open is starting this coming Sunday, it means I'll have one more week of normal sleeping schedule, then it'll be 2 weeks of waking up at 3 am, oh well, such are the benefits of unemployment, Allez Roland Garros!!

Tennis: Venus Williams into Finals, Federer/Nadal Final

Venus Williams has quietly sneaked through the women's draw and had advanced to the final after a 6-3 6-0 demolition of Shahar Peer from Israel. Venus has just recently beaten Peer in Rome and I think that helped, since it seemed like Venus was well prepared at what will be thrown at her and she had an answer to pretty much anything that Peer can produce.

On the men's side, affter Federer and Nadal both emerged victorious in their 3-sets semi-finals. This sets up a rematch of last year's Madrid final and also marks the first Federer-Nadal in a year. Both players had suffered forms issue (very different time though), but given Federer's form righ tnow, I'd say that!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fashion: My first personal shopping client

So I had my first personal shopping client from Hong Kong, and DL was very gracious to try me out even though she probably had no idea what I was doing or how this would turn out, but it's so far so good.

I'm very glad for her support and I am doing my best to use this as a styling platform. I have a plan for aiding her business through a change or continual evolving of her personal and business style. She's in a business where appearance and impressions are very important and I aim to shape her wardrobe to reflect more of an energetic and chic modern working women who has great responsibility and great style.

And that's basically my aim for all my future clients, it is with that attitude that all women should be dressed. It is about confidence but also about who they are, and how they can find confidence through expressing themselves. There's no need to copy the latest celebrity, chicness comes from a sense of assurance in yourself (of course the clothes should be beautiful too, haha).

Here's the first picture of DL in something I purchased. It is a gray, light-weight silk jacket with an exaggerated flip collar from I.N.C.. It is good for the air-conditioned indoor malls of HK and just so versatile and chic. The shape is flattering and the zipper details stands out against the color of the fabric itself. Due to privacy issues, I had to color in her face (to my best abilities of course), sorry DL, didn't mean to cover your face with a big yellow oval =).

Fashion: Favorite looks for Cannes day 2

Michelle Yeoh showed up to the Premier of "Wall Street 2" wearing a custom made Roberto Cavalli gown. It's a pale yellow tiered ruffle fish-tail georgette gown. You can't help but admire the handwork and workmanship of this creation. And although there's a million layers to this dress, the color and the fabric choice combined make Michelle's gown look so delicate it's like a fluffy cotton candy; add on the simple hair, great clutch, bright smile, and this Cannes regular once again shined on the red-carpet.
Carey Mullegan is hot off her Oscar nominated role in "An Education" and now she's ready to hit the red-carpet again for "Wall Street 2". After the whole award season frenzy, a lot of people seemed bored or tired of Carey's "charm", although in my opinoin she hasn't lost it a bit. She went the off beat and vintage route and now she's slowly coming back and trying new designers and finding her image with more main-stream trends and silhouettes. First up she chose a RM by Roland Mouret belted dress with a draped top and fitted bottom. I love Carey's shy-ish smile and her cool short hair-do, it'll compliment almost anything she wears just because it's so likeable. The color of the dress is great, understated with a hint of purple to keep it fun. Its silhouette is elegant and business like without losing the fashion aspect and it's formal enough while retaining appropriate amount of youthfulness (honestly, nothing much can age this girl, she can even wear a granny style night gown and still rock it, that's the gift of youth). Kate Beckinsale killed it on the red-carpet again. I know I didn't pick her as one of my favorite on day 1, but her big baby blue poof of Marchesa really wasn't THAT great. But this one, white Gucci Preimier silver embellished gown is much better, in fact, it's a winner! This is the best ensemble of the day! From the well groomed hair to the flawless make-up to this exquisite dress by Frida Giannini, everything works. This dress is much more contained, but not subdued. The silver bow and belt detail wasn't easy to pull off. Of course Kate is helped by God's gift of good proportion and one of the most beautiful face on Earth. I was blown away when I saw this, it was elegant, classy, glamorous, and sweet at the same time. Since she's a judge on the Featured Film panel, I'm expecting to see many other knock outs from her.