Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fashion: Actress/Model Milla Jovovich is back in action

Milla Jovovich was once my absolute fashion icon, it was during a time when I was a bit confused about style and fashion, and on the verge of losing interest in it all together, Milla's eclectic style rejuvenated, or more so reopened doors of possibilities and made fashion "interesting" again. Here she is, in Cannes, back in action wearing a Fall 2010 Louis Vuitton dress that is totally fun and a bit "off". I love how the ball-gown-ish silhouette of this collection is so easy to spot. Milla wore a strapless, mix-fabric ball gown with a sculpted front that forms a raised hem-line in the front (and it looks like the lining is some sort of shiny fabric, looks great in a picture). If the dress was all one material, it would've failed, but here it kept the dress interesting.

It's not traditional in its shape or fabric, at all, but there's something about this just works, it looks really regal, it's the peasant-ish fabric mixed with the fancy/edgy silhouette that created this effect. I like the fact she chose to not wear any necklace and the make-up really complements the color of the dress. She also kept her hair up which otherwise would've taken attention away from the dress if it was worn down. A tip, when you wear a big dress, and I mean BIG, keep the hair nice and tight, no fuzz.

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