Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 23rd: McDonald Sweet Tea!!!

In the new LMFAO song on the radio, there's a link that goes like this.."You're my new obsession, you know what I want to do..." something like that..and here right now, I can say that I found my new obsession, well besides the Bible, it's the new 1 dollar McDonald Sweet tea.

When it's 99 degrees outside (mm..valley), a big gulp of ice cold sweet tea that is delicately sweetened to perfection is just what I need. The moment when you taste it, the surprisingly present tea flavor along with an also surprisingly controlled sweetness creates the perfect solution to quench that summer thirst. It gives you the illusion that it's healthier than soda (it probably is, but not by that much), and it's only a dollar..umm..yea a dollar!!

But yea, when I spend the day worrying about my living situation and wondering how the next year will turn out, or whether I'll get a job, or whether I'll get everything together, or frankly at the end of any day, a big cup of this, for me, is enough to let me look forward to the next day. Because God is good.

So thank you God for creating ice, sugar, tea, and dare I say...McDonald!!

Afternoon snack of choice: 1 dollar Mickey D ice sweet tea with a 4-piece McNuggets

And I have still not yet take pictures of my new favorite pair of shoes..they're gonna get dirty and wouldn't look as impressive..sigh..I'll find time to do one of these days

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 11th, 2009

5 hour meeting!!

Had my first 5 hour long meeting today, which isn't too bad, I kind of enjoyed it, mostly because a meeting is structured, full of content and everything are clear and straightforward. So thank God for giving me a good first day back at work after a whole week of vacation. Where a normal person would consider coming back from vacation and goes straight to being stuck in long meetings as bad, horrible, unbearable, punishment...the list goes on, it's actually a blessing because it was enjoyable and productive.

And not to mention, after being here for about a month and a half, I'm officially considered a senior employee. Just joking...

On a different note, I'm really excited about this next couple weeks, and at the same time nervous. It's going to be sales, after sales, after sales, and sales determine whether the business will get money and whether the brand will grow and get more recognition. I find myself more and more attached to this label and want it to do good. And obviously if it does well, that means the chance of me getting hired goes up also, haha. But Jasmin Shokrian really does have its potential to be huge. I don't see why people would not want to be in her clothes and I think it's just a matter of time before she gets some national coverage and get picked up by big names.

Anyway...I am close to being ready to blog about my newest obsession, I'm so excited about this thing that I'll be writing about; I'm tempted to write as in someone is reading about this and pretend like I'm sharing something amazing with everyone. But I refrained because I feel crazy, especially knowing no one's gonna be reading this at all. But still, that does not decrease my excitement of writing about this thing that I'm totally obsessed over. Until then...

Monday, August 10, 2009

August 10th, 2009

Amazing-ness: Kim Clijster made a winning return to the WTA tour after a 2 year hiatus where she got married and had a baby girl, beating the in-form world number 12 Marion Bartoli 6-3 6-4

It's truely amazing how someone can walk away from something they were so good at, to not be in a competitve mind set and/or physically capable of being competitive, and then to just come back, and beat the current world number 12 who've just won a big title two weeks ago!

The amount of motivation and dedication required for someone to come back so quickly and so strong is truly admiration and I can only imagine what it feels like to work so hard and suffer so much but knowing that every single second is worth it, all because of the love of the game.

If only we can apply that kind of enthusiasm and love toward something that counts toward us. Somethings are just extra special when you know you're tried your best and given your all, and the result is always going to be amazing regardless of what actually ended up happening.

P.S: Something else that's truly amazing happened today, I was chatting away on AIM while I'm 35,000 ft in the air! All thanks to the new wi-fi in the sky feature by Virgin America called TOGO. It made me feel very special and lucky, not sure why, since chatting while on ground and chatting while in an airplane are both the same, haha, but who cares, it gave me a "wow, this is amazing" moment. It also gives me yet another thing to do while desparately trying to avoide conversation with the stranger next to me.