Thursday, May 27, 2010

When Tennis meets Fashion: More French Open Looks

Caroline Woziaki wearing Stella McCartney for Addidas, this line was originally exclusviely worn by another player, Maria, Kirilenko, but Maria's result was less than stellar, so she got dropped, and now Caroline, the world #3, steps in and take over. I am a big fan of the Stella McCartney line, it's usually not overtly girly, but still very sporty and retains an air of coolness from the color, to the choice of fabric, and the sometime architectural shapes. It bears the signature of Stella McCartney's clean lines and London chicness.

Na Li wearing Nike exclusive Chinese edition. The color is great on her and against the red clay. The look is sporty and everything is very well proportioned, a lot of people assume that sports clothes must fit on everyone, but they are just the same as other clothing items, so proportion is still very important. It's great to see Li Na in this Nike outfit that only she can wear among the Chinese players, she's the Serena Williams of China in terms of Nike's marketing campaign. I still remember the days when the whole Chinese team is sponsored by Nike and Li Na wouldn't wear skirt b/c she wasn't so fond of wearing a short skirt in front of people; and now being on the international tour for a while really changes the way one sees things.

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