Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When Tennis meets Fashion: Serena William, Maria Sharpaova, Roger Federer

The players @ 2010 French Open:

Usually Roger is the only men player who I pay attention to what he wears, since he always try to push the envelop a bit. I love how Nike puts colors on the clay court, the red clay makes a really stunning backdrop for vibrant colors. I like this shirt, it's not bad, I wish the sleeves are more simple. But what I really liked are the shoes, those are so cool, calm, and collected.

I've already professed my love for this dress when pictures first surfaced. I'm surprised that some people absolutely hate it. I think it's elegant, the color is cool, though I think the dark part can be a bit more maroon-ish for a brighter contrast. But it fits Maria like a glove. I have problems with people always complaining about clothes looking like a curtain wrapped around someone, I'd like to see them wrap a curtain around themselves and try to look as good and fashionable. It's about shapes and contrast and I think this dress is one of the better ones Maria has worn lately. And now she bears her name on her own Nike collection, I'm sure we will see more Maria's style snippet here and there.

I'm not a big a fan of Serena's dress, I mean she always fills out her outfit nicely with her curves, so they fit fine, but this is just not fun, maybe the color, but the dress is overly girly with the pleated ruffled hem. Compared to her older sister's lace corset dress, there's just not enough fashion here. It looks like one of those templates you can buy from Joann's. If I have to find something nice, it'd be the color, the color does pop a lot of the clay and this dress looks a lot better on her than in pictures or mannequins.

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