Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fashion: Maybe it's time to stop hating on Dockers

Although Dockers being a national favorite among the Dads and the men who don't care much about looking 20 lbs heavier, they are repeatedly shunned upon by fashion wearer; mostly due to its lack of shape and lack of innovation. But guess what, maybe it's time to stop hating on the normalcy of Dockers, because there's a new collaboration between Docker and Urban Outfitter!! This is going to be amazing, it is actually possible for Dockers to create slim, tapers chinos that comes in any color of the rainbow you can imagine of, and it's about $50 a pair, not bad, but decisively more expensive than a regular pair, or, the ones at the outlets.

This new pair by urban outfitter is trim and stylish, it could last you the whole summer pairing with a bunch of different possibilities It's not too outrageous for the average American male, you can pair it with button-down oxford, t-shirts, or with a light-weight trench for a chillier summer night; or wear it with a faded college sweater for the collegiate look; or dress it up with a simple white shirt and skinny ties.

Maybe I will look into getting one also, I've been scouring for trim chinos that are not ridiculously expensive.

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