Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fashion: My first personal shopping client

So I had my first personal shopping client from Hong Kong, and DL was very gracious to try me out even though she probably had no idea what I was doing or how this would turn out, but it's so far so good.

I'm very glad for her support and I am doing my best to use this as a styling platform. I have a plan for aiding her business through a change or continual evolving of her personal and business style. She's in a business where appearance and impressions are very important and I aim to shape her wardrobe to reflect more of an energetic and chic modern working women who has great responsibility and great style.

And that's basically my aim for all my future clients, it is with that attitude that all women should be dressed. It is about confidence but also about who they are, and how they can find confidence through expressing themselves. There's no need to copy the latest celebrity, chicness comes from a sense of assurance in yourself (of course the clothes should be beautiful too, haha).

Here's the first picture of DL in something I purchased. It is a gray, light-weight silk jacket with an exaggerated flip collar from I.N.C.. It is good for the air-conditioned indoor malls of HK and just so versatile and chic. The shape is flattering and the zipper details stands out against the color of the fabric itself. Due to privacy issues, I had to color in her face (to my best abilities of course), sorry DL, didn't mean to cover your face with a big yellow oval =).

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