Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tennis: Nadal beats Federer in two and Venus loses in two

Final of the Madrid Master, and personally two disappointing loses.

Federer losing to Nadal is understandable and partly expected, it's just I usually root for Federer when they play against each other (I'm all for the top dog and maintaining hierarchy, haha). But since Nadal has been on fire this clay season (when was he ever not...) and this is only Federer's first final on Clay in three tournaments, losing 6-4 7-6 (5) is respectable, it just doesn't give much hope for Federer's chance in Roland Garros if they run into each other there, and Nadal is NOT Federer's only problem nowadays.

On the women's side, I really thought and expected Venus to win her final. Of course, nowadays you can't depend on Venus to beat someone you think she'd manhandle, but I thought to myself since this is a final, she might step it up and be in a totally different gear. Well, she didn't, in fact she said after her loss that she felt a little bit out of gas (probably because she played and won the doubles tournament too). Oh well, she lost 6-2 7-5 to Rezai, a French player, relatively young, have a few years of experience on the tour. The French Open is still remarkably interesting for Venus, I still like her chances to reach the quarters or even the semi, anything after that will remain a mystery until we get there.

This week has a couple smaller tournaments, giving some last minute match practices for the players or some valuable time-off for the others who have been playing for nearly two months on the dirt. And for me, since French Open is starting this coming Sunday, it means I'll have one more week of normal sleeping schedule, then it'll be 2 weeks of waking up at 3 am, oh well, such are the benefits of unemployment, Allez Roland Garros!!

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