Monday, August 16, 2010

Fashion: Barney's Warehouse Sale

It was Saturday, me and my roommate went to downtown for lunch, and coincidentally his mom called to let him know that she along with the rest of their family is going to a gigantic food and hospitality expo at the LA convention center. So besides tagging along for free food (aha!), a little light bulb also switched on inside my head (that's EXACTLY where the Barney's warehouse sale is!). Though, I was sold on the fact that there's no way I can afford anything inside even with the markdowns.

So we got there to the food expo, it was alright, some great food, but not as big as I have imagined. We walked around for maybe an hour or an hour and a half, pretty much the whole time I was thinking about the Barney's sale next door (I know right, two gigantic wings and more than 10 halls, and the sale was RIGHT NEXT DOOR).

So me and my roommate along with his brother (who's apparently an avid denim lover) went to the sale to "check it out". Then long and behold there it was, the denim section, where each pair of jeans are discounted from hundreds of dollars to around 70 to 90, and then there's the sign that reads "Take and ADDITIONAL 70% OFF". I was like what? All of a sudden the possibility of taking advantage of this occasion just became a reality, each pair of jeans cost about $25 to $30!

After quickly grabbing about 10 pairs to try on, I ended up settling on a pair of J Brand slouchy/tapered jeans that I have read about a couple months ago. They're the perfect relaxed wash jeans but at the same time looks sleek because of the tapered legs. It was originally about $280 after tax and I got them for $29 after tax at the check out!

Barney's warehouse sale: SCORE! Some pictures to come later, it's too late for that.

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