Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 3 - March 27th

The day started with another thunderstorm and this time it was actually a hail storm. It was kinda cool in fact, b/c I haven't heard a full on thunderstorm in ages, since such a thing doesn't exist in LA. Today's highlight is definitely visiting the 360 bridge, the name came from it's shape of a half circle, but then it begs the question of how exactly is it 360? But that soon became an after thought once you climb up tot he top of the hill next to the bridge. The view you get up there is truly breathtaking, you're just high enough to see most of Austin while overlooking a long river with boats lazily drifting down and wakeboarders zipping through the water. I just sat there and couldn't help but thinking of the greatness of God's creation. Blue sky and green hills, we're so small but yet we're so cherished. It is definitely a good spot to bring a friend and just share the view while chilling. Let's see if I can post a picture up here.

Before that, we had Texas BBQ!! I'm like, "Finally" and the place we went to, "Rudy's" didn't disappoint. I told the waitress it's my first time and I got a bunch of samples. I tried the brisket extra moist, and that was it, the point of no return! I didn't even bother trying the other choices (they didn't look too appetizing actually, but I'm sure they're good), so I ordered a half-pound of that brisket and it came with a stack of white bread (I haven't have white bread this good in a long time)

So here's how to assemble a brisket sandwich....Take a piece of bread, put a good amount of brisket on it, slather the in house bbq sauce on it, and then add a layer of cream corn (OMG, probably the best cream corn I have had, well i also haven't eaten a lot of cream corn...) but yea, and then add onions if you like them, fold the bread like a hotdog, and then just

I was super tired after that, so as usual and quite routinely like the past couple days, I took a nap. Tonight was AACM (Asian American Christian Ministry @ UT) large group. I always like going to other Christian groups but I'm always slightly apprehensive also, because you never know what's the difference or similarity compared to what you're used to. But it was nonetheless exciting, I was excited to meet a good amount of new friends and they all seem very nice. We had pho afterward and I have to say, that wasn't one of the strong point of Austin. But I think I've been making one too many joke about liking the city more than Austin, but the fact is I'm truly enjoying my time here. I got a brief chance to live life like a student going to UT. And to me that's important when traveling.

To cap the day off, we went to the famous or dare I say infamous 6th Street (look it up if you don't understand why it's infamous). Overall it was a good night, don't think I've seen that many bars on the span of 4 blocks, it was pretty amazing and again met some nice people.

So that's day 3, if i have more time and I'm have more to say about other things that happened. But the food keeps getting better and the city is getting way better, just on the same page.

Update: my keeping track of expense is working and let's just say it's very much important to live in Austin with good food and less than 40 dollar a day. It's just funmy

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