Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 5 - March 29th

Last full day in Austin. Pretty excited to go home, but also sad to leave, after all Austin's been good to me. The day started with a visit to Austin Stone, a really big church that Bryan's been going to. He asked me to listen to last week's sermon to be prepared for this week's and he was right, both sermon together was really powerful in talking about love for the saints and our endurance being rooted in our view and hope in heaven. I was very blessed by the experience (this is actually my first time visiting a mega-church).

Today was also a physically day, I was "invited" to play in the one sport that I dread the most my whole life, softball. I have to say, I am worst at softball than football, and that is saying a lot. But, it turned out that I was actually not bad an throwing and catching, but it went downhill when we were done playing and I was give then chance to try batting, which I actually was not excited about..I am REALLY bad, especially not trying it in over 8 years. I ended up looking awkward and strike out twice. But again, that's what I think, maybe the situation looked different in other's eyes. All in all, it was a lot of fun just meeting new friends.

Oh, someone thought I was Korean today, for some reason to me that's a compliment, so that kind of made my day. Plus, we got to have free lunch in the UT dorm, with all due respect, UCLA's dining food is better.

Bryan was REALLY behind in his school work, so after softball, he again "transfered" me to someone else. This time I'm in the hands of King Choi, which was fun and we had a good time just hanging out, which brings me to my two biggest highlight of the day....

First, ever heard of something called "Party Barn".'s basically this barn, really, a barn, and it's stacked with alcohol inside, and you just drive by and pick up what ever you want. I have to say, even in California that stuff wouldn't fly. But it was nonetheless very amusing and I got that experience down.

And then....we went to the congress bridge, home to an amazing number of bats, yea I said it, bats, they don't just live in caves. So at a certain time in the evening right before the sun set, thousands of bats that live under this bridge flies out together. It's quite a site, they all form a line in the sky and you can clearly see a black line of bats. And the sound they make all together actually frightened the little kids who were there. I've never seen bats in my live, let alone thousands of them!!

The rest of the night is pretty low key. We went to whole foods, well not just any whole foods, but the world's first ever whole foods. Apparently whole foods is originated from Austin, and this one that we went is probably one of the most decadent whole foods I've been to. They always have these whole things, and their extensive wine and beer collection always amazes me.

No more going out tonight, I stayed in...while Bryan is at the library plugging away, wonder what time he'll be back (apparently he didn't come back until 7:30...). Tomorrow morning's the last "day" of this trip, time for home.

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  1. someone thought you were korean? welcome to my world. lol