Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Men's Fall2010 trends so far

Noticed a couple big trends

Thin Sky High Turtle neck - just enough extra length at the top to give it a little lose scrunch, perfect if you have a scrawnier neck, stay far far away otherwise, my friend Johnson might like it

Prada/Gucci/Jil Sander

Military Boot - basically almost everyone in Milan showed lace up military boots, from heavy duty to elegant moderated versions. I should look for a pair in black for my upcoming NY trip

Burbery Prosum/Neil Berrett/Bottega Venetta

Cut and paste - mixing different fabric and using each for a different part of a garment. Super cool and futuristic, perfect for someone who likes the classic and want to be seen as living in the present also. Example, a top coat that mixes grey suit material with black wool with leather sleeves

Burberry, Neil Berrett, Jil Sander, Trussardi 1911

Other trends - plum-ish color, voluminous overcoats, more lose bottoms

I'll post the picture of my favorite item from Milan soon

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