Thursday, January 28, 2010

The ridiculousness of Couture

Couture reminds you what fashion could be, not necessarily what it should be, but how far and how creative it can go. Even though this season isn't as ground-breaking compared to the past, but compared to the rest of the industry, where everyone is trying to play around the line and rarely crosses it, this is equivalent to a breath of fresh air. Here's some highlight of Paris spring 11 and I'll try to point out some Oscar worthy gowns

First off, Armani Prive - the sailor moon collection

Mr. Armani said he was inspired by the moon, I say he watched one too many episode of the classic Japanese anime. But to his credits, the suits were tailored impeccably, there were some outrageous designs, more adventurous but still glamorous

That crescent accessory really bugs me, but the suit is truly well made

Interesting use of a shiny stiff fabric, the big brands nowadays are all characterized by their ability to use innovative material

My favorite piece in the collection, not sure who or where can you wear this, and this is definitely one of those "i love it/I hate it" piece, it leaves nothing in between, you'll either think it's ingenious how they manipulated the fabric and think it looks ethereal, or you think it looks like the person is being stuffed inside an air-tight zip-lock bag, like a sandwich in one of those TV commercials.

Someone please wear this to the Oscars! The shape is dramatic, the curves are feminine, and the fabric is just sick and out of this world, it's like a sheer but stiff textured organza twisted and folded until it became this. And Karlie Kloss just rocked it.

Next...Jean Paul Gaultier, no need for words, let the picture do the talking

Are there anything that Karlie Kloss can't pull off?

And then there's....Chanel, the double C's, the clothes were kind of meh, the vibe is kind of 60's french maid (well this french maid is probably getting paid pretty handsomely to be sporting Chanel suits, but that's besides the point), the collection just seemed like a slight variation from the SS10 spring, but the the hair, the hair is definitely something else

Instead of picture, I'll do it by words, it's all the same...tweed...tweed...tweed...tweed jacket...tweed skirts...tweed dress...tweed shorts...wait what?? Tweed shorts? Yes, they made shorts, that's something new...

If uncle Karl would wear a dress, it would look like this

A male model, one of uncle Karl's favorite, Baptiste Giabaconi, rocking some metallic suit, is this supposed to be a wedding?? I thought everyone knew he and her are both gay. Oh uncle Karl, always the irony

Valentino: very un-Valentino like, tons of chiffon, which is nothing new to Valentino, but it's twisted and wrapped in a very chic way that is very couture and at the same time not very couture, at least in the house of Valentino. It has some of my favorite looks out of this past week.

How does the chiffon stay up like this to look like a flower, tagging? Or is it just cuz she's walking with a fan blowing up her face, what if she's just standing still? Who would want to look like a flower that is wilting...

For some reason I love this. I like the proportion, I think ruffles are hard to work with and this dress could only work if you're tall and lean, but it's alright. The color is fun, very contained but still bold with the neon yellow and lavendar and taupe. Would like to see someone wear it to the Oscars, but probably not.

This screams red carpet, but too quiet for the Oscars, it needs something else, but it's a possible choice.

Now this is Oscar ready, loud, feminine, pretty, dramatic enough for such a big occasion.

That's it for now, so far so good.

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