Saturday, January 23, 2010

An upcmoing trend that I'm excited about

So it's 3:26 in the morning and again I can't fall asleep, I've watched three matches, all good ones, and then flipped through all the men's show so far in Milan and Paris, and I have to say, even though the styles in these two cities' shows are really different; for example, you'll never see a draped t-shirt walking down a runway in Milan, or you won't show a tailored suit in Paris without somehow messing it up a little, through all the shows I did see one commonality and I think it'll be a big trend this coming fall or even early Spring

Mixed fabric garment is going to be the craze, wool mixed with leather, or nylon with cotton, it's all about contrasting texture within the same color tone to create the illusion of one-ness while creating a visual dissonance.

So if you have anything like that in your closet, then you're lucky b/c it looks like you can save a few bucks come next winter (gosh, we're not even out of this present one yet, why is fashion moving so much faster ahead of life itself...)

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