Friday, February 19, 2010

Evan Lysacek outfits!!

These are the ones that Vera Wang made for Evan Lysacek

You can't really see here, but besides the feather, which I'm not a huge fan of, there are bands of velvet and satin across the chest that plays with contrasting texture. It's a solid number, the shoulder is exaggerated with fur details (but it's in black, so it wasn't very recognizable). You can already see that the focus is to use black to bring out an air of sleekness, and more importantly use it to outline the natural lines of Lysacek's body.

Here's a better illustration of the last one

This is the Olympic Gold winning outfit. I have to say,this was the first time I've seen him and the outfit was what caught my eyes (mostly due to how different it looks compared to others) I thought it was subdued by skating standard, but it was daring and dramatic with the sequined/crystraled 3-d snakes attached to the upper body. The placement was strategic so that it wouldn't interfere with his movement but yet frames the body very well. The snakes seemed lively and notice that the shoulder is again slightly exaggerated, this time being propped up with a crystal band on each shoulder. The color black once again showcases the other elements as if it was a piece of art, it also helps that there "arts" are anchored onto a 6'2" toned body. It's just overall sleek and sophisticated but flamboyant in a very different way.

Finally something that's not black; and this one just happens to be my favorite out of the bunch. This design again showcases dramatic embellishments around the shoulder - this one is a 3-d casing made out of black sequined strips. It was dramatically architectural and makes the skater look even taller and mightier, it has a very distinctive sci-fi warrior vibe. And then the rouging down center-front gives the outfit much needed texture. The material and color gray also comes off as luxurious and expensive. It is the simplest but most complicated look because it accomplished the most with the least elements. There must've been a lot of tailoring that went into keeping that shoulder piece in place.

All in all, this is great, Evan Lysacek expressed interest in working with Yohji Yamamoto. The folks at IMG, PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN, this will be great and it should reach a whole new aesthetic and level. I also think this whole higher fashion angle with men's figure skating might bring the focus and attention back to the sport again; or at least it'll be a good place to start. It also helps that the new golden boy is tall, dark, handsome, and gives great interview. Too bad he'll probably quit skating and turn pro in less then a year, do a bunch of photo-shoots, and then become another one of those athlete turned model-actor-tv personality-appearance type person in LA a la Sasha Cohen. Well at least he might have a shot with a gold medal to back him up.

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