Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Meet Clare Vivier

Handbag designer - found her, again, randomly on the internet. But check out one of her messenger tote, it's a perfect representation of classic-chic, the shape and utilitarianism scream lasting classic while the thicker strap and zipper seem effortlessly chic.

Although the shape is simple, but the clean lines increases its mix & match potential and the size, after having 20+ years of experience listening to my mom complaining about bag size, the size of this bag is quite perfect; it can go from a Saturday shopping spree to a day to the office, to a dinner with friends, or even travel.

And for $220, it's not a bad deal, give it two weeks and your investment in this bag will be fully returned.

Check out her website here.

By the way, it's almost 2 am and it's the third night in a row that I stayed up this late for no particular reason. I know this is supposed to be my favorite pastime, but maybe I need to past my time at a better hour, the only pastime I should be loving at this moment is sleep, and sleep only.

1 comment:

  1. then get me it. LOL. i promise i'll use it for at least two weeks.