Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tennis: Real Drunk Housewives of Palm Springs

So I made it to Palm Springs yesterday for the BNP Paribas Open and boy it was one of the best days in my life. I was there for Hit for Haiti 2, where I got a chance to watch 90+ grand slams combined on a same Stadium, 90+ grand slams!!! Not sure if I'll get another chance to see that.

But first, something slightly interesting also, me and my friend got a full dose of what happens when you mix housewives and alcohol in a tennis tournament watching a hot girl like Sharapova playing. I don't know if they were "inspired" by the attention Maria was getting from teenagers around the stadium, but somehow one of them, after being way too chit-chatty and borderline obnoxious, proclaimed, yes proclaimed during a changeover, "hey girls, let's run down and streak across the court like they do on TV!!"

My ears, oh my lord, someone save my ears from bleeding! I'm not sure if that was a mere suggestion, I'll never know, but that is definitely one of the more amusing tennis experience I've had. I think it's time Bravo start a new sector of their Real Housewives franchise. They need to send someone down to Palm Spring to capture a bit of the crazies and send these women to fame and stardom ASAP, I'll be watching.

By the way, I have pictures from Sharapova's warm up gear for this tournament, and it does not disappoint, I like it, but it is also a WTF moment for Maria that is quickly becoming common for her. Stay tuned, whoever's reading this.

ps: also coming later - a more through review of Hit for Haiti 2.

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