Tuesday, March 9, 2010

When tennis meets fashion: My favorite tennis outfit of the moment

This is what I wear recently whenever I go play tennis. I tried wearing those branded ones and trying to copy Federer or Nadal, but I realized that doesn't quite work for me. And then I came across this Purple ombre hooded zipper-up at urbanoutfitter and thought how cool it would look on the court.

It's thin and comfortable, plus I pretty much think anything ombre is cool, not to mention rare to be seen on a tennis court. I pair it with the most comfortable pair of shorts I've ever wore, from Addidas. I bought it back when I was in college, and after a week, I went back to buy 4 more (good thing I had an employee discount).

Wish me luck tonight, I've been losing to the same friend the past couple times I play, I hope my serve can finally click and work.

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