Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fashion/Art: Otis graduate show: Helen Ko and others

I was invited to go view my friend Helen Ko's graduate exhibit at OTIS, a design and art school in Los Angeles. I was so proud of Helen since her exhibit was amazing, understated but very cool, it definitely has her point of view. I worked with Helen briefly during the summer and I always knew she was talented.

This sort of exhibit is always exciting for me, I get to see a lot of really creative creations plus the atmosphere is really energetic. Too bad I was only able to stay for 20 minutes, not even time to walk around one floor. The whole thing was one huge modern art compilation.

So, for Helen's exhibit, she did a series of shirts/shirt-dresses. I wish I could ask her more about the thinking and concept behind it, but so far I only have pictures to show you how awesome it is. The fabric choices are more leaning toward menswear, and the silhouette is rather loose. I really like the orange shirt, if it comes in my size, I'd wear it =)

There was this one guy who's also obsessed with mixing fabric and texture, and his two jackets (after you see the pictures, you might be able to tell how laborous it was) are basic hoodies with a major twist. The front or most of the bodice is made from layered horizontal strips of fabric and then instead of sewing them onto each other, they're connected by a couple diagonal seams running through the layers, sort of like a vent, I want to ask him if it's for sale!

And then another graduate is obviously dying to be the next costume designer for Lady Gaga. Theatrical ensembles with tons of fabric and plenty of drama.

There are also furnitures and other types of product developement work, I always believe that fashion can be driven by architecture and furniture, there's something about the geometry and the shape of these two disciplines that can inspire endless fashion possibilities.

Anyway, I really enjoyed my night and all the best to Helen!

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  1. haha yes.. too bad we only had 20 minutes... lol.