Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm Back: Am I a Stylist? and update on the tennis scene

It's good to be back writing about what I love.

So besides losing to a good friend in tennis tonight...(I lost 5 games in a row and lost the set to him when his strings are broken, I was pretty pathetic, but the thing about tennis is that I just have to keep trying, once you know the mistake, it's up to you to fix it, no one else but you)

Now on the other side of things, I have found a sense of clarity in what I want to do in fashion, dun dun dun, STYLING. I guess that's what EVERYONE wants to do in fashion, it's fun, you get to play dress up day in and day out, which actually gives me certain apprehensions approaching the field. Am I really a stylist? Who is a stylist? Is everyone a stylist if they just call themselve one?

I feel extremely uncomfortable to just call myself a stylist (even though that's pretty much what people do). I constantly feel the need to back it up with something, which I don't have at this point. Should I really be something that can be named w/o much credibility, and will I ever get a chance to reach that point to legitimately call myself a fashion stylist?

Well, I'm taking steps toward making that happen and I HAVE TO TRUST IN MYSELF. I know I have the eye and passion, I know what inspires me and how to translate that to reality. SO, this is a big announcement (for the 2 or 3 people who actually check this blog once in a while) I'm going to put together my first portfolio! Model, clothes, photographer, hair and make up and the whole nine yards. I'm really excited, but also a bit scared.

Hopefully the next time I blog about the topic of styling I will know much more about it professionally and by that I'll be A STYLIST.

Now on the tennis side of things, it took a while since coming back from vacation to get game back in order (I can hardly hit two balls across the net the first time I played two weeks ago). Some exciting news, Nadal's back being the same dirt rat he was, he's a lock-in for French, at least so far no one else showed any sign of challenging that preassumption. The Williams sisters are back and both won in their first match in Rome, I don't like the sister's chances on clay, they've been out for a while, and clay requires such patience that the sisters generally lack, let alone after such a long hiatus, rust, rust, and more rust is all I can see. Martina Hingis is gearing up to play a whole season of world team tennis, even though she says she's not intersted in coming back, I just know, along with the rest of the tennis world, that she's looking for some sign, however small, to prove that she still has it, and boom you'll see her walking onto the court in Sydney come 2011. Just wait and see.

That's all for my comeback post, it feels good to be on a comeback trail.

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