Monday, June 28, 2010

Fashion: Bottega Veneta 2011 Spring Men's

I was going to wait and do an overall review of the Milan men's shows, but as I was going through the pictures I stumbled upon Bottega Veneta's earthy, utilitarian collection, and the item that stood out was surprisingly the t-shirts. I've been trying to find a show/brand that I can see myself actually wearing and not just appreciating, and I think this collection is very wearable. It was basics but has intricate details. Designer Tomas Maier has created a collection that belongs to a traveler and explorer and he has injected his signature of finding the perfect blend of casualness and design; and it's most evident in this collection's perfect t-shirts. They look interesting and at the same time casual and are made of athletic cotton jersey. It's the perfect summer t-shirt that offers plenty of fashion and design while keeping the wearer cool, calm, and collected. Here are my favorite looks from the BV Spring 2011 runway show.

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