Monday, June 7, 2010

Fashion: Whitney Port wears Yigal Azrouel dress and Sergio Rossi shoes to MTV Movie award

Generally not a big fan of the red-carpet of MTV movie award, to me it's nothing different from any other regular red-carpet. Since it's MTV, the stars try to keep it fun and flirty, so they usually opt for short cocktail dresses, and since this is LA, it means short, flirty, and sexy, anything but edgy.

But, this year's award has one star standing out apart from all the rest (i'm discounting X'tina's crazy Versace couture), and it's Whitney Port! Even though her dress is alos short, tight, and sexy, the seemingly random patches of yellow applique and the choice of footwear is absoultey New York and keeping it edgy. She rocked a Yigal Azrouel tank dress with mesh netting and yellow applique, and she paired the dress with a Sergo Rossi Spring 2010 Fishnet Cage bootie (the same one I featured in an earlier post about Sergio Rossi's Spring line, read about it here). The shoes prove to be just as sparkly and different once they're worn and walked onto the red-carpet. It complements the dress since it is also outrageous and unconventional.

The dress is essentially patches of hand-sewn applique on a gray mesh netting. Whitney has always been my favorite on The Hills and The City because I believe she has a real sense of fashion and not just what's on trend. I think 90% of people who saw this dress on a rack would be afraid and just put it down, so kudos to Whitney for picking this winner.

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