Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tennis: The Queen visits Wimbledon

The Queen Elizabeth II visited Wimbledon for the 1st time in 33 years since her Jubilee year in 1977. She arrived at Wimbledon wearing a torquoise blue summer coat with matching color hat. The Queen must own quite an exquisite collection of hats that is worthy of museum exhibition one day. Since this is an 80 year old lady, it's quite a fitting outfit, elegant and polished. My only problem with this look is probably the black shoes, a pair of nice white ones would've been nice and really striking on the grass. Maybe that's why she's asking for a raise, she needs some new shoes.
And by the way, she only ended up staying for one match, Andy Murray's, and then she left. The organizers scheduled three matches featuring players from three European Monarchy just in case, Andy Murray from England, Caroline Wozniaki from Denmark, and Rafael Nadal from Spain. Some argue that Serena Williams should've been put on Centre Court instead of Caroline, but oh well, too bad we don't have a King here in America.

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