Friday, June 18, 2010

When Tennis meets Fashion: More pictures from the Pre-Wimbledon Party

The tennis stars all dressed up:

Starting from my favroite of the night: Anne Keothavong from Great Britain, looking stunning and graceful in this strapless, flowy print gown with golden leaves embroideries. It fits her perfectly, and the hair, the whole thing is a new-age flower-chid.

Maria was a close second for me, the style is quite popular on the mall retail scene, but on the red-cartpet or high fashion circuit, it's not as popular. The neckline nowadays is much more complicated and usually either wider or super intricate. Maria's is interesting and it looks great on her, she's glowing and it's a very appropriate party dress, and awesome heels too.
Update: Venus wearing Ralph Lauren. Oh Venus, very nice and elegant again. The knit tank dress is very appropriate for her image and body shape, and the gold tone accessories is a nice touch with the multi-tiered necklace breaking up the visual of the neckline, thus creating volume and layers, nicely done.
Jelena Jankovic kept the crazies to a minimum and actually looked really good here. She's known for gawky designer clothes and this time it's chic, it's interesting, and it's contained. Thumbs up from me!
Serena Williams did not impress me this time. I know she's going for the "look at my shoes!" approach with the simple black dress lending all the attention to her crystal covered peeptoe boot. But the look is underwhelming for me. The look isn't bad, but not as good as I know Serena can do. She once said, "I'm not a tennis superstar, I AM a superstar", well superstar, you gotta start serving it like a super star too. Better luck next time!
39 years old tennis player Kimiko Date Krumm looked simple and very Japanese indeed. Not glamorous, but presentable; and just look at her face, she looks more fresh than some of these girls in their mid 20s.
Nice heels, bad dress, bad hair, oh man. Everyone says she's the bombshell on the women's tour, I don't know man, I don't see it. This is a mess, the snooki poof is just ludacris, and the strapless style is definitely not a good fit for her. Sigh.
Italian player Flavia Penetta (R) wearing two piece, the pants a bit too long, I wish she'd worn her jacket, or maybe choose a more stylized trench coat, that would add some dimensions to the look and some design value.
Oh man, this is....(trying to be nice)....funny. Example of tennis player who looks like they're still 16. The one on the left, the hair looks like something they'd help you do at Claire's, the dress is alright, but looks out of place with her yellow-ish blond hair. And then there's the one on the right side, sigh, the dress is nice, the hair is fine, but all efforts are lost when you look down at those sparkly, broadway-ish lace-ups. Oh man, why? Seriusly, it's vegas, magic-show, costume party all at once.

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