Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fashion: Elle presents stylish handbags that can charges your phone also!

This is awesome, thanks to the new twitter account of Erin Kaplan, Elle's PR Director and star of MTV's " The City", I just got a really cool piece of fashion news!

Elle came across the portable light projects, which tries to introduce reusable energy to 3rd world countries specifically by encouraging the inhabitants to incorporate solar textile kits into their textile/weaving culture. The first result was a messenger bag that is equipped with a flexible solar panel, an HBLED light, a rechargeable battery pack, and a USB port. Elle picked up the exciting idea and tapped 9 designers to recreate their version of this high-tech multi purpose handbag so that YOU can also experience this new exciting development - a bag that can recharge your phone, your iPod, or your whatnot.

Now Elle is auctioning the nine handbags online with proceeds going toward "The Portable Lights" project. Click here to check out the online auction.

And follow Erin Kaplan @twitter here.

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