Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fashion: Sammi Cheng Love Mi World Tour - Taiwan

Mind-blowing is the only word to describe what was presented on stage at Sammi Cheng's 2010 World Tour Taiwan stop. The creativity level of her costumer is just outrageous and he always achieve the balance of fashion and costume; little bits of fashion elements are injected into each look to add some edge to the theatricality.

Some people complain Sammi is copying Lady Gaga, but I think it was more so the case of her costumes in the original Hong Kong tour stop (and that's just the opening outfit, Sammi's style is more trendy where Gaga's more artsy and theatrical). Here in Taiwan, where she revamped the whole line-up and wardrobe, she wore looks that are modified from the HK version but remaining the same theme, or a slight hint alluding to the idea of its counterpart in the HK version.

I picked some pictures, take a look at one of Asia's best!

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