Tuesday, January 19, 2010

AO fashion so far...not very good

Let's start with the bad ones, cuz there's lots of them

Lacoste - sponsored a million lesser known players, a good strategy, b/c honestly, they're good enough to meet some bigger names, thus exposure on big TV broadcasting courts, and even if they lose, b/c there's SO MANY of them, they'll pull even in terms of exposure. BUT, you CANNOT dress them all in the same outfit in the same color, and none of them look good!! Come on, it's not that hard
there's just too many of them to post

This one is kind of sad....the green-ish color does nothing for her, and the bands are way too thick, that's why it's not slimming as it should (i'm sure that's what the ppl at Yonex was saying to convince her)...plus that expression in the photo, sigh, I know you know you don't look good, it's okay, save your tears for something meaningful, this will past and you'll switch sponsor and end up with something better, I think her expression says it all

Other not so good ones...

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