Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Australian open Update

Let's see...what's been going on so far after 2 days of play...

Oh! Sharapova crashed out in the first round...Serena and Venus Cruises past their opponents, the Belgian duo are right on course, but then Justine is playing Dementieva tonight, so we'll see (personally don't think Justine will win this one), Vania King, a little Asian-American player, came back to win in 3 sets after having a match point in the 2nd, and then down 5-1 in the 3rd; mm...the new American sweetheart, albeit a not very good one, at tennis at least, lost in the 1st round, thus continuing her sophmore slump...same old boring fashion, besides Venus';

On the men's side, all the top seeds are moving along fine..oh except Federer had a mini-scare when he lost the first set and almost lost the third set to Igor Andreev, Hewitt won his first round pretty handily, Jame Blake is STILL PLAYING, but then he has to play del potro next round (don't look so good there...can you believe Blake is 30 already, it seems like yesterday when he came back and got in the world's top ten looking like he belongs. The men's side is not very exciting so far, gotta wait till the 2nd week, but Andy Roddick is looking good, maybe he'll have a good run.

I need to keep watching, these majors are always good for recreation players to learn something from. I find that saturating yourself with watching tennis sometimes translate well to your own game...you can see how they're moving around the court, what kind of shots are popular or which ones are just plain dumb, and most importantly how to fix my pathetic serve...sigh

Mm...can't wait for tonight's match between Justine and Dementieve, want to see Henin do well, but also think Elena is playing out of her mind and has a really good chance of winning her first major thiis year...we'll see

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