Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Humanitarian Design

Taking some time out of writing about tennis and fashion to talk about something that I think is both noble and straight up cool.

Just ran into this non-profit organization while watching TV - project h design, they aim at designing things that are useful and socially responsible aiming toward inhabitants of 3rd world countries. For example, they make this pair of eyeglasses that is self-adjustable to fit your prescription, you can do that by adjusting the level of a silicon liquid within the lenses and then remove the syringe and it will look just like a regular pair of "harry-potter chic" glasses (you get the picture)

They have many other featured items such as shoes made for minimizing shock-waves from landmine removal, or a rolling barrel that makes a 200 pound water barrel weights about 40 lbs effectively.

Quoting their executive director, they have a "triple bottomline, three P's, Planet, People, Profit"

Check out their website: http://projecthdesign.org/

My only question how are the ppl in these developing countries going to get/afford these life-improving gagdets???

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