Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hit for Haiti: A charity tennis exhibition benefiting the Haiti Earthquake a success

It was so much fun to watch this event, especially with the AO starting tomorrow. It's so great to see tennis players, whom many fans fantasized to be dead enemies, to actually come together, not only provide good tennis, but also a friendly atmosphere in this time of sorrow around the world.

All the ticket sales ($10 per person in a 15,000 max capacity Rod Laver Arena) will go toward the relief effort toward Haiti's recovery process. It was an idea first thought of by Roger Federer and within 24 hours, the event came to reality, I have to marvel at people's efficiency and determination. But again, it's really not THAT hard, all the TV stations are already in place, all the players are there, the ticketing system had already been running regularly for the tournament anyway, it's just a matter of getting the word out and nowadays with twitter and facebook, it's as easy as boiling water. But nonetheless, the gesture is very nice.

Funny moments:

1.) When Roddick got called a foot fault, he said, "Are you serious? You're calling a foot-fault in a charity match?! I can't believe DO KNOW that Serena is on my team sitting RIGHT HERE, right??" - good thing Serena can also laugh about this..could've been awkward, looks like she's going to have to live with this incident for a much longer time

2.) When Roger was prompt to use the hawk-eye system, he said, "nah, it never works anyway" - Federer has long been an opponent to hawk-eye becoming an official judging tool in tennis.

3.) Novak Djokovic acting like a trainer rubbing down Nadal's leg after a long hard game...while Clijster looks from the side and asked, "Can a girl do this too??" And then go over and start pinching Nadal's thighs while laughing giggly.

The event in total is expected to raise about A$200,000.

Good luck to all my favorites tomorrow, Serena, Venus, Federer, Clijster, All the chinese players

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