Saturday, January 16, 2010

FW10 Men's Fashion weeks kicki off in Milan/Why I should've been a tennis player/Why I think Christopher Bailey rocks

It's Milan, then Paris, and then off to New York City...sadly that's not what I'm going to be doing, but one day, maybe one day, I'll be trotting the globe following the fashion circus just like that.

I really should've been a tennis player for how much I like traveling. See, for fashion, it's only 4 to 5 major cities that people travel around. But the tennis schedule goes something like this

Jan 1st...Brisbane...Hong Kong...Sydney...Melbourne...India...San Jose...Paris...Pattaya City...Indian Wells...Miami...Madrid...Berlin...Rome...Istanbul...Paris...London...Cincinnati...Los Angeles...Toronto..New York...Beijing...Moscow...Linz...Nov: Doha (All within 52 weeks and more)

Anyway, back to Milan tomorrow, sounds like Buberry's getting the most hype so far, at least in Milan, where all the weird cool Japanese ppl stay far far away from. Fair enough, the brand's chief designer Christopher Bailey has single-handedly turn the brand around. Since joining the centennial, borderline archaic fashion house, the designer has steadily presented outstanding pieces, all of which are full of a rock and roll attitude that infuses much needed youth into Burberry's style. And now, after successfully convincing the world that the house can do more than just trench, but at the same time reinventing the signature style in leather and studs and 10 million other kinds of fabric, and also a special collection with Colette, along with countless campaigns with miss Moss and their new favorite, Emma Watson, the brand is thoroughly transformed; retaining all the former prestige while gaining a new legion of younger die-hards.

By the way, I wonder if my friend Kevin will be traveling to all these shows. Last I heard he's got a job with H Lorenzo doing sales, my guess is for men's fashion. So congrats to Kevin if he has truly became one of the fashion globe trotting energizer bunnies and if so, then I should ask him for daily updates, that should be exciting

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