Friday, January 15, 2010

My favorite color

When I was 14, my favorite color was Brown (sort of an odd choice come to think of it now)

When I became 17 and got into UCLA, my favorite color briefly became Blue and Gold (and then I quickly came to my senses)

When I turned 20, no longer a teenager, I suddenly felt a really strong connection with black, white and gray, and my closet turned into the display window at James Perse

Now I'm 22 and when I slide open my closet doors, I realize I no longer have a favorite color, the once monochromatic selection is now muted with colors, all kinds of color, all of which are hanging slightly messily in front me...

Does that say something? To not have a certain favorite? Or more so to not know what is one's favorite? Maybe it's time to buckle down and pick one from the many, then truly know why I love it, and then just ride with it

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