Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Jasmin Shokrian SS10 lookbook pictures

Wow, can't believe it's finally here! If you go on Jasmin's official website, there are new pictures of her SS10 lines, both collection and Draft. It was so exciting to see them especially since I was a part of the process for most of the lines development.

I think Draft N17 will continue to be a big hit with its clean lines and easy-going sentiments. Jasmin continues to play with bold daring colors, colors ranging from peacock, bee sting yellow, bright orange, and pea green; while the rest of the collection is anchored by quieter colors such as a good amount of navy, white, and black. The ss10 installment of Draft N17 sees the introduction of the circular silhouette, offered in tunic and dress versions in multiple colors and fabrics. The style is effortless and it compliments the wearer's body rather than trying to constrict or change anything about it. The fabric falls along the wearer's natural form and it celebrates our natural beauty that comes through an air of ease and effortless chic.

Key pieces for Draft N17 SS10: Two tone circle tunic, double-layer jersey top, double sketch slip dress, bounded-shoulder chiffon tee, all circle styles (and get them in the craziest color you can imagine....or tolerate)

Collection continues to evolve in its own right, heading to the direction of femininity and softness. Compared to her past collections, this season we can continue to see a movement toward the women, someone who's soft and ladylike. The collection continues to employ luxurious fabric like silk chiffon, satin, and silk crepe. She also continued the use of interesting handmade fabrics, which is quickly becoming one of Shokrian's trademark. This season we see the use of a mesh like netting that gives way to strong shape, and a handmade patterned fabric that combines satin, charmeuse, and muslin (which is a motif continuing from the previous season), there is also a stunning cape/poncho made with gaze encased with chiffon, which gives the illusion of a print from far away. The shape varies from voluminous to tight and sculpted. One stand out detail is the slit like neckline from the black crepe oversize dress, which resembles a pillowcase when the wearer hold her arms up. All in all, this is a collection that is a continuous story from last season and it'll be interesting to see if Jasmin will take a new direction for the coming Fall presentation.

Key looks for Collection: Chiffon encased gaze circle poncho, black crepe pillowcase dress, black mesh netting open back dress w/ chiffon gaze flap, handmade pattern fabric circle poncho

Jasmin Shokrian:

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