Thursday, January 14, 2010


The final is going to start in 30 mins, I know I'll be staying up to catch this, it'll be a test to Serena's form, especially since Elena's been owning her the past couple times, I wonder if becoming the new #1 would have given Serena any edge playing against someone who she continually struggles with

My guess...Serena in 3 sets, losing the first one, tight second set and business like usual for the 3rd set.

Oh, and the Australian Open officially started today with qualifying rounds, mm..the first major of the year, the new tennis year is officially in full swing!

It'll be interesting too see what Sharapova will wear this time, it is my honest opinion that she's the most audacious among the top female tennis players in terms of taking risk with her outfits, they're usually the most flattering and fashion forward, while Serena goes for glamor, and Venus usually tries a very sophisticated look, Sharapova is routinely the more chic and playful one out of the three of them.

And I'm excited to see what Roger Federer will wear. His choices on court often translate really well to styles that are popular in men's fashion off-court. Obviously he's not following the styles of Julius or Raf Simons, those would be a little bit scary to see on a tennis court,but he stays pretty close to big name like Vuitton, Prada, or Bottega; pretty much keeping it classy and contained.

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