Friday, January 15, 2010

Uniqlo +J SS10 line debut

It's here! The 2nd season of German designer Jil Sander acting as Uniqlo's creative director arrived in store today. Before I comment on how brilliant Jil Sander is, I must say that Uniqlo is a "must visit" for me in NYC, the three times that I was there, I never missed a chance to visit the store (and obviously it has a lot to do with the fact that the NYC flagship is the only outpost Uniqlo has in North America). I'm all for giant discount retailers collaborating with high-profile designers, I personally own a Tim Hamilton for Uniqlo two-tone double-sided biker jacket. One side is Grey cotton and the other is Black shiny nylon/polyester. It's one of my best purchase, practical and stylish with a great fit that is not too tight. It is...well, this might sound cliche, but it was very New York City.

Anyway, so back to Jil Sander, She has infused her
trademark minimalism into Uniqlo's already ample supplies of sturdy basics . Where before, Uniqlo was quite street heavy, along the vein of a Japanese Gap; but with the addition of Sander to the team, the style (at least the +J line) is starting to seem more European in a sense: dominated with clean lines, familiar fabric, the cut is more refined, each detail is being pondered and designed, and the styling in the ad campaigns is decidedly more edgy; where else can you find a Jil Sander designed suit and coat for less then $200 each? Where that is still a bit too much for my wallet as of this moment, I'm sure this screams BARGAIN for many stylish guys and girls who're on a budget.

Check out the new collection on Uniqlo's website:

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