Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fashion: Good news ladies, heels are getting lower!

I think I can say, probably not the first, but definitely among the earliest, that for the next two seasons, heels are going to get lower, cue for the cheer of millions of women who no longer can feel their feet.

No more sky high skyscraper heel, instead, what we will come to think as chic will be elegant, and COMFORTABLE, smaller heels from kitten to about 3 inches (which is really low give the high fashion standard of the past years).

Even though I'm a man, but just as human beings, we share feelings and attitude toward pain in general and I believe it when I hear women moan and complain about how much their foot hurts and how quickly they want to take off their pair of platform stilettos. So I am glad, as a man with many female friends and family members, that you guys can wear lower heels and not have to feel matronly or boring. Just find a pair that still carries details and buy them in good quality.

I can hear women's long sigh followed by their wild cheer after hearing this news. Time to nice to your feet again.

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