Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fashion: Paris FW10 Victor & Rolf

Clothes that transform - coming straight from the "Glamour Factory"

For this season, the design team of Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren put on a spectacular show. The theme was clothes that possesses duality, and it was displayed on stage where a model wearing multiple layers of clothes walks down the runway, and then the designers start stripping layers and layers off of her and put it onto other girls who'd then work it down the catwalk also. The point was to show that clothes can be theatrical and then practical at the same time.

The crazy version is transformed into barely recognizable revision of its old self, all with just a few pulls and twists; they were glamorous and wearable garment that are ready for production. The result left me flipping through the shots on back and forth multiple times dying to figure out how it was done. This is an occasion where livefeed or video would have been greatly appreciated and justified.

All in all, I believe the show was truly amazing (even though apparently they've done this going on stage trick before). But the clothes were good, not great. The theatrics were there although the transformed products weren't exceptional (maybe it's because of the constraints of needing to be transformable).

Here are some shots, maybe you can also go on and let me know when you figured out how it was done:

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