Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tom Ford begins work on his own Womenswear line

This is exciting news. His talent and his style helped revive Gucci back in the early 2000s and now he is going to create his own woman's line. This must be great news for retailers and fans everywhere.

I think he will offer the same classic sexiness and sophistication we've seen in his Gucci collections. It will be feminine, luxurious, but I also think it will be younger without the constraints of Gucci's clientele. His name is almost a substitute for cool, sexy, and luxury; but I'm hoping now that he is on his own and deciding to come back from other interests, his clothes will be fresh, and desirable, which is almost a guarantee. Plus, his venture into photography and film since Gucci definitely adds artist creds to his name. This sort of association is much needed in today's fashion circle (in order to attract the newest bunch of fashionistas who are also artist wannabes). It's no longer just beautiful clothes, it also need a point of view or artistic reference, it's all about a story (collection) that has substance behind the clothes and the person making the clothes (ideally the clothes SHOULD be synonymous to its designer anyway...)

He had mentioned back in October that it should take about 18 months for the final product to be presented. So it's time for the Tom Ford fans to start marking their calendars. I'm definitely intrigued.

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