Sunday, March 7, 2010

I called it!!!

Back in January, when I saw a drop dead stunning dress on the Armani Prive runway, I wrote, in quotes, "Some please wear this to the Oscars". And voila, two months later, the same dress (picture here below) appears on the Oscar's red carpet being worn by none other than Jennifer Lopez!!! She was a pure vision in this dress, last night I asked for drama on the red carpet and this dress and Ms. Lopez herself embodied a blend of drama and elegance. The shape is dramatic while the pale color anchors it, and not to mention, the fabric is out of the world.

The post I wrote about this dress is from January titled "the ridiculousness of couture". I'm gonna pick her as my favorite red carpet look of this year's Oscars, hands down, although there are quite a few close seconds.

I'm too tired to write a review of the red carpet now, and a million other bloggers have already done so, I'm just going to wait, and instead of writing a review about the red carpet looks, I'm going to write a review about how right-on or how dead-wrong are some of the "critics", that sounds a million times more interesting to me.

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