Monday, May 10, 2010

Fashion: Is the rolled up pants/jeans look over-played?

As I stumbled upon yet another lookbook/fashion shoot with men styled with roll-up pants, I ask myself if this is getting over played. Fashion is the most exciting when it's new and it refreshes your perspective about what is cool and what is good looking. I have to admit, when this trend first came about, I first resented it because I thought it was impractical for many occasions. But as my life transitioned into jobless and much more casual dressing, I started to adopt to this style along with its ease and nonchalance.

But, BUT, after a few seasons, this look is starting to look weary, over-used, and opposite of how I have come to know it. Every big and small brand from Gap to Armani is utilizing this silhouette and its identity is getting lost. I'm starting to long for a clean slim pant with sleek shoes, the kinds that elongate one's figure instead of breaking it up in the exchange of a Californian look. I can understand how a brand like Band of Outsider will continue to employ such trick, but I think it's time for the more conventional look to make a comeback, and it is time for yet another breath of fresh air in men's style. Polished, put-together, and sleek minimalism.

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