Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tennis: Serbian showdown

I didn't realize this when I was looking at Rome's women's draw, but Jelena Jankovic is playing Ana Ivanovic today at Madrid! These two aren't enemies, but they also aren't the best of friends, both are from Serbia, both are famous athletes in their home country, both have been world #1, both have been struggling a bit this year and both have recently started to pick up their form, which only means this will be one heck of an intriguing showdown.

This really can go either way, I secretly wish a Serbian showdown is going to stir up the same excitment in me as when a Williams showdown happens, but one can only hope, and let's see if this one delivers.

p.s: I mentioned in a previous post that Andy Roddick isn't here, but apparently he is and he'll be playing today also.

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