Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fashion: Chanel kicks off Resort/Cruise season with show in St. Tropez

Chanel held its 2011 Cruise collection in the dreamy french town of St. Tropez.
Chanel always knows how to put on a good show and more importantly they know how to deliver fashion moments. For this show, it was all about reflecting the image and essence of St. Tropez, from what I read, the model decended from yachts and most of them walked barefoot wearing flowy and loose fitting chiffon dresses and loose fitting pants as if they had just walked off the beach (wouldn've been a good idea too). This collection was about being fun, young, and relaxed, everything St. Tropez is and hope to be associated with.
The collection was heavily influenced by the 60s and 70s but only the good part of it. It was a time when movie stars escaped to this gorgeous town to relax and mingle and party. Designer Karl Largarfeld has lived through decades of changes in St. Tropez and he has put his thoughts about it in his collection and onto the beach, sidewalk, and then walk it into an iconic restaurant with a glamourous front, 2nd, 3rd, and all rows.
It's a very casual (in Chanel's sense) and easy to wear collection (rightly-so as resort collection is starting to have a wide appeal in the global market because of its ability to transcend seasons and restrictions). Long tunic and tiered dresses in printed chiffon, cropped tweed jacket with baggy pants, sexy swimswear, strappy sandals, jumpsuits tied at the waist, big floppy hats, sequined dresses, and basically anything you can imagine that's associated with vacationing. I am particularly impressed with the long dresses, definitely very wearable and next summer girls can look effortlessly chic and sexy with long and flowly dresses. I'm not too impressed by the men's look, but there were only 4 or 5, so it hardly made a difference. But it is note-worthy to mention that my favorite model as of now, Natasha Poly, opened the show in a printed chiffon long tunic looking like her usually fierce and gorgeous self.
Visit WWD to view the full collection here.

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