Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tennis: Serena not quite there yet

Serena lost yesterday to Nadia Petrova of Russia in the 3rd round of Marid Master in three sets. After winning the first one, Serena dropped the next two without too much of a fight. Nadia's a good player, a great player, but Serena had beaten her before and should've done so today. But this being only her second tournament back from a 4 months hiatus, this should be excusable, and this also pushes her off the contender list (but you know she's always on the contender list in her mind, just not the "official" one set by the critics).

And serena has an ice-cream color outfit, this would normally look ridiculous, but somehow it's passable, normally peach and pink should not be together, and not that MUCH. Notice, I only said passable.

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