Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tennis: A look at Rome and its new Gladiator-esque Stadium

With the two weeks Italien Open coming to an end soon, I suddenly realized I forgot to think about or to write about how great is the city of Rome.

Italian Open is a marquee tune-up tournament leading to the French Open and it has always attrached top players to go and fine tune their game. There must be more than its convenient position in the calendar that brings back the players year after year. Next year, the two weeks separate men's and women's event will be combined into one of the few joint mega tournaments. Here's a couple pictures of this magnificent city.
And then there's the new stadium, it doesn't have the flashes and flares of other famous European new-age stadiums, but this one is true to Rome, it has the air of a Colissium where every single spectator hovers over the two fighters down center fighting for their lives until one beat the other into submission. This is the atmosphere that tennis needs, out with the nice and I'll try again next time, it needs the urgency of life and death that make something matters, it's time people realize that a battle is going on, and I wouldn't mind if the girls or guys throw in a grunt here and there, it'll only be fitting.


  1. i did not know you loved tennis this much

    the stadiums do look pretty sick though

  2. Wow Cho, I think you are the first person to comment in my blog.

    Yes, I do love tennis THAT much, this is what happens when you have a lot of time and want to stay busy and informed.