Friday, June 18, 2010

Tomorrow's a BIG DAY

Tomorrow is finally arriving, it's the day when I'm shooting with a photographer to add images to my still empty styling portfolio!!

I've been slow this past week to blog mostly b/c I've been planning this. It's an idea I've had since a month and a half ago and I finally got things together (at least so far in my head it's quite together). I've invested most of the little money I've earned from personal shopping into the content of this shoot, so hopefully the self-investment was a right move =). Hopefully I'll get to post a couple of the pictures on here afterwardf.

I'm both excited and nervous, but it's going to be a great day and I'm praying hard about it. Excited because it's a first baby-step for me heading in the right direction; but also nervous at the same time since the work is open for critique and judging by people whom these images meant to impress or to inform. But it's all part of a learning experience and tomorrow is definitely a big assignment.

Fitting, hair, make-up, posing, lights, camera, and ACTION!

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